Diana Day

Diana Day is the editor and creator of BeTwinned. Diana lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband, an editorial cartoonist, writer and graphic artist, and their 13-year-old twin daughters. She can be reached at

Diana recently completed her master’s degree in online journalism at the University of Southern California. Before attending USC, Diana was a schoolteacher and reading specialist for 14 years in both Philadelphia and Pasadena.

After graduating from USC, Diana returned to full-time teaching as the Internet & Communication Technologies Coordinator at a private school in Pasadena, CA. Diana is also freelancing as the Digital Diva for School Me, the’s education blog. She also writes the parenting blog Mommy! Mommy! for Disney’s new

Diana has wanted to be a reporter since age 10, when she received, from herself, her first reporting assignment for The Oak Points, a newspaper she started with friends in the summer vacation community of Oak Point, Maine.

In addition to BeTwinned, Diana is also the editor of, a citizen journalism site for Sierra Madre, a small town in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, just northeast of Los Angeles.

Diana can only hope that BeTwinned and reach the high quality and success of The Oak Points.

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