TwinWatch news: Same classroom legislation in Georgia; new test may reduce number of IVF multiples conceptions

by Diana on March 20, 2007 · 1 comment

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Whew. Be sure to check out this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about Georgia’s legislature debating a bill that would allow parents to have a choice about putting twins in the same classroom. Don’t miss the comments underneath the article for some fascinating glimpses of ignorance in the electorate. Here’s an example:

Wow. A state law for one complaining mother in one school in one county. Gotyourhandsfull is right. I’ve known many parents of mulitples who preferred to have their children split up to encourage individuality. Where’s their law? This one mandates twins be kept together if the parents want it, but there’s no provision for parents requesting separate classrooms.

A mere 40 days to handle all legislative business for the year, and this nonsense makes it to the floor. The authors of the bill and all committee members who voted to send it on up the ladder should be impeached!

Uh, guess this person misunderstood the part of the bill that states that twins and multiples should be in the same classroom “if the parent or guardian requests” it.

Kudos to Kathy Dolan for bringing clarity to that discussion.


In other news, researchers from Yale and Canada’s McGill University have made a discovery that may make it possible to determine which IVF candidate embryos have the best possibility of success. This would mean that doctors would only implant one embryo at a time, obviously reducing the numbers of twin and triplet conceptions.

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1 the beaz June 3, 2007 at 9:17 pm

CONGRATULATIONS! Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue signed our Twin Bill (SB 123) into LAW on May 30, 2007! Thanks to all of the hard work and support of thousands of concerned individuals, Georgia parents can now CHOOSE to have their twins and higher order multiples placed in the same classroom, regardless of official (or unofficial) school policy. Many future Georgia parents and their multiples will benefit from this new law…Hopefully more states will soon follow. Thank you everyone for your support of this important legislation and for all of the time and effort you invested in it!! Story: “Perdue also signed a bill to require school districts to place twins or other multiple siblings in the same classroom if the parent requests it. School districts had been permitted to make the decision. The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock, said the new law will allow parents to have more control over their children’s education.” Please sign the petitions of other states listed at

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