Barrettes for a previously bald chick

by Diana on June 9, 2009 · 4 comments

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I got some barrettes!

This is a very big deal for me because at this time last year, I was bald.

I remember the first time after cancer treatment that I felt the wind in my (very) short hair.  What luxury!  It was a luscious feeling after months of being bald.

Soon after that, I needed to actually run my fingers through my hair in order to tame it.  And more recently, I’ve needed to use a comb or brush.  All of these are incredible sensory experiences that I’m sure I took for granted before my cancer treatment took all my hair away.

All my life, my hair has been a statement because of sheer volume and lots of curls.  Now that it’s growing back from chemo, it’s even curlier than it used to be; I hear that this is not uncommon for post-chemo hair.

Since it’s so curly, it’s starting to look a little goofy, but I’m not ready to have it cut or shaped.  After we’re on the East Coast, I figure it will have enough length to be worth shaping.  So for now, I figured that barrettes might tame some of the goofier curls, and I swiped a couple of my daughters’ clips to test them out.

Today, I needed a little retail therapy because the goodbyes to my friends and workmates (our move is only about two weeks away) are getting more and more overwhelming.  A Target stop was in order, and I got a few new barrettes!  I stood there in the hair accessories aisle at Target and got all choked up to be lucky enough to be there with all the other ladies with hair, doing something so mundane as selecting and buying barrettes.

The thought of having hair long enough to use barrettes is really something.  Really really something.


1 Paul June 10, 2009 at 2:42 am

Happiness! But Target for retail therapy?!?

So glad you’ll be out here soon, even if you’re still hours away. And yes, prepare for those curls to expand in East Coast aestival humidity. You may need (dramatic pause) hair gel! Oh well, Philly’s thick with Targets…

2 Diana June 10, 2009 at 6:54 am

Paul! Hee hee, when I’m back East, we will live further apart than we did when you lived on the West Coast. But somehow, it being the East Coast and all, it seems closer. Silly, right? Maybe it’s because there is actually PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION out there? Hmm.

Anyway, yes, my curls are sure to expand back East. They also expand in San Francisco, and not in an attractive way.

My friend, as far as retail therapy, let me enlighten you: Target is where it’s at! Especially when you have brand-new infant twins in the dead heat of an LA summer >> head for Target and air conditioning!! … put one baby carrier in the top section of the cart, the other in the bottom section … stuff all your purchases all around the baby carrier in the bottom section … when you’re done, go to the Target cafe for a caffeine-free Coke and a pretzel to dip in watery, bright orange cheese. Heaven!

3 Genevieve June 10, 2009 at 7:34 am

Yay for barrettes! I thought your hair looked darling Monday with the clips in it! :)

And Target is awesome!

4 Cocoa Fly June 16, 2009 at 12:41 am

Nice post. Enjoy your barrettes :)

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